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Hippo Attack!

Yep - You heard correctly, a REAL headline - not just another sensational title grabber designed to get your attention!  Although, if I did grab your attention, please read on! I was attacked by a hippopotamus a few years ago and I lived to tell the tale. I have often recounted the story to many friends and captured audiences over the years, and it has often been pointed out to me that I should perhaps write about it!  Having recently developed my blog, Baobab Lost, I felt that it was high time I tell the world my story.  I don’t think there are many people who can recount such an event in their lifetime and even fewer yet who got...

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Irish Adventure! Galway, The Burren, Bunratty Castle and Cliffs of Moher

Ireland November 2016 Let me introduce you to my very dear friend Peggie, whom you might already come across in some of my other blogs about KILIMANJARO.  Peggie and I have been friends since 1996 when we first met starting high school together in Cape Town, South Africa.  Peggie was a recent immigrant from Hong Kong along with her family, and I had moved to Cape Town from the Northern parts of South Africa.  Peggie and I had cross over classes and were good friends, but didn’t often socialize together at that stage.  One of my first memories of Peggie: was a biology assignment. We had to plant sunflower seeds and successfully grow a sunflower plant.  I will never forget the...

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