Our goal at Baobab Lost is to represent various types of artists, painters and entrepreneurs from all over the United States and the world. Many artists are solely focused on their work and creations and may prefer representation and exposure to many different markets and new customers by us here at Baobab Lost.  In other words – the artists spend their time creating and we do the marketing and selling for them!

With our extensive customer base, knowledge in the industry and combined business experience of over 20 years - we aim to give various artist from all over the world a solid and trustworthy arena to display and sell their work to clients in North America.

Many exceptional and talented artists from developing countries have little to no access to the internet to be able to successfully get their artwork and designs out to the world. We work with many artists whom we source artwork directly from and pay upfront for their work, so they do not wait on funds like most art sale consignment structures.  We take responsibility for the purchase, import and shipping costs and have all the artwork represented on this website on hand with us in Florida, USA.

In some cases, especially if we are sourcing and representing local (USA) entrepreneurs, we may be representing their work on an affiliate basis or consignment order.  In that case, we spend time and effort to market their work and they will ship the items out to you from a local address.  We work with our artists to ensure smooth deliver and handing time and have pre vetted all our suppliers to avoid any disruptions with fulfilling orders.

Our goal is to give a platform to all the amazing artist out there who create various form of artwork or hand made goods and have no desire to spend precious time representing themselves or hours of labor on marketing and selling.

We use all marketing avenues at our disposal to represent these works of art, so you may see us on Etsy, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube and many more places!  Please feel free to write us a review, leave a comment or better yet help our artists by making a purchase!

If you are an artist and would like to have your work displayed on our website and also have your work be part of our marketing efforts to our new and existing clients, please contact us at info@baobablost.com for further discussion.