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  • 'Masai Sunset' - African Painting - BAOBAB LOST
  • 'Masai Sunset' - African Painting - BAOBAB LOST
  • 'Masai Sunset' - African Painting - BAOBAB LOST
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Original Oil Painting, Maasai Sunset, Original Art Art from Africa Unique Art - 12" x 26.5" Wall Art

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James Mologeni

'MAASAI SUNSET' painted by J Mologeni  

  1. 'MAASAI SUNSET' is an original artwork painting on canvas
  2. Painted in South Africa
  3. Ships from Florida, USA
  4. Vertical oil painting
  5. Size: Width 12" Inches x Height 26.5" Inches (0.5 Inch Margin)
  6. Painting is UNFRAMED

Your purchase helps support many rural and struggling artists from all over Southern Africa. Please take a look around our shop for more art work from this artist and many others that we buy from. A lot of the amazing art pieces have been repurposed into prints on posters, canvasses. clothing and much more for a more affordable option! Feel free to take a look at some of the amazing creations that we have on offer here at Baobab Lost, or contact us if you would like something special!
If you are unable to make a purchase at this time but love what we have here, please share this creation with your family and friends! We really appreciate your support.

Original oil painting on canvas by J Mologeni. Perfect original gift for any occasion and can be a featured in any living space in your home or office!! 

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The painting is unframed, for ease of shipping and leaves you the choice to get it framed to suit your home or office decor.
Brighten up your home with this unique wall décor, or hang up the original oil painting in your office or hall way!
The original piece of art work is titled 'MAASAI SUNSET'  

NOTE: Images of all the paintings, art & prints on all our sales platforms are depicted with watermarks to protect copyright of the works. This is to help prevent illegal copying & downloads of the images.  All works of art, prints, and digital downloads will of course be watermark free once purchased.
IMPORTANT: These paintings & images are protected by copyright and are not allowed to be used for commercial or promotional purposes.  Art from Baobab Lost (Physical and Digital prints) may not be copied or repurposed for commercial sale in any format. Unauthorized use, copying & modifying of any of the original artwork, prints & digital images in any format is prohibited. Art purchased at Baobab Lost in original form, print or digital form is only for personal use.
UNFRAMED:  Please note that the painting is UNFRAMED.  The painting will be carefully rolled and shipped in a tube for safe transport to you.
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